Why Santa Cruz Tutors

Why Santa Cruz Tutors?

First, we offer top quality tutoring services in all areas of Academics, Test Preparation, Foreign Language, and Music. We set ourselves apart by connecting students with quality offerings, excellent instructors, and the freedom to easily use our network to find the right match

Finding the right fit

We understand that there’s a difference between finding a tutor and finding the right tutor. Our large staff of tutors allows us to offer the right fit for each request in terms of scheduling and personal compatibility. If for any reason, the tutor match is not ideal, we have other tutors ready to help.

All of our tutors are extremely reliable with scheduling, accepting payments, and appointment reminders thanks to our electronic scheduling and payment services. Payment is as easy as a check or credit card swipe upon completion of the lesson; all transactions are completely secure.

Whenever you arrange a session with a tutor, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know the date and time of your session, as well as a reminder email 48 hours prior to the session. Since we require 24 hours notice for a free cancellation, these reminders make it easy for you to cancel/reschedule without losing any money!

Professional Help and Competitive Pricing

We charge less and pay our tutors more to ensure quality. We charge $40 an hour for academic tutoring sessions, significantly less than most professional tutoring companies in the area. We also pay our tutors close to $30 an hour. Why pay them so well? because we demand top quality tutors, who are excited about the work they do and able to make a real living. With our sessions you will get what you pay for, each first hour is a trial session. If it is not the right fit, there will be no charge, we will keep working with you to find the right fit. If no proper match is found, you will be refunded for the cost of your trial session!

The Santa Cruz Tutors Vision:

Our Vision as a company is to support the Santa Cruz County education system as a whole through a strong network of skilled local instructors. We understand that knowledge is power, true learning is satisfying, and that the secret to a successful education is simple: attention and interest.

Supporting local schools

As you’ve probably discovered, education system is not perfect. There’s issues with funding, a range of quality when it comes to teachers, and learning environments are often stifling to children’s natural (and vital) expression. An imbalance is naturally created because not everyone learns equally well in large classrooms, some require more one on one time.

When capable learners don’t get the attention they need, they shut down, they lose focus, and they disengage with the lesson. Many children who struggle in our current system are often very capable learners who simply need more personalized attention to succeed. The right individual support can boost grades, confidence, and a student’s underlying willingness to feel safe engaging a subject.

Empowering lifelong learning

Learning is not just something to get you to a career. Learning is a fundamental aspect of wellness. It keeps the brain active, the mind sharp, and empowers optimism in the face of changing conditions. Whether learning to play trumpet or solidifying a mathematical knowledge base, learning creates the possibility of more opportunities moving forward.

Empowering academics through music

We believe strongly that more happy, focused, inspired musicians is a good thing. It is also, very good for academics. Research is now showing that good students don’t just happen to play music, the music actually improves learning.

Creating new offering through collaboration

Learning an instrument is wonderful. It can allow for creativity, fun, self-expression, as well as boosting self-confidence, teamwork skills, comprehension, discipline, artistic appreciation, and communication, to name just some of the benefits. Even so, what we are offer through our music program is more than just a list of qualified teachers able to offer lessons for each instrument and music theory, we are offering and empowering a community of musicians.

The Power of Community:

We have a network of motivated, talented, and helpful music professionals. We understand that a music teacher is a relationship that often lasts years and take that seriously. Our goal is to find the right music educator for each student; this means finding an instructor who can keep the student interested, engaged, and passionate. Not simply, because music can be fun, but because we actually learn most efficiently when we want to learn the material!

Effective learning through good relationships

We want to help pair up music teachers with the right music students so that both parties find enjoyment in the work and perform at their very best.We also understand that a full paid career in music is not easy, in fact, its nearly fantasy. While that aim may be unrealistic for most musicians, we love music and believe in empowering our Santa Cruz music community. We help local musicians to have steady well-paid work that allows them to teach what they love, continue their own learning, and have time to stay creative and productive in their own pursuits.