Shahya Khodadad


Shahya Khodadad

Music Teacher

“I love the way this guy teaches. He is very patient and understands how to work on your preferred pace. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there is something very valuable to be taken from lessons with Shahya. He adapts to the way you learn whether it’s through audio and/or visuals. His passion for the instrument reflects off his teaching and will inspire students to keep returning.”

  • Obtained a B.A. from Cal State Monterey Bay in 2014

    Majored in Business and Minored in Music and Psychology

    Has been playing guitar seriously for 10 years and have been teaching friends and students for 4 of those years. Studied Jazz theory and improv from 2010-2012 with Ray Brown at Cabrillo college.

  • Very patient and understandable teaching methods

    Places emphasis on what the student wants to learn and needs to learn in order to reach the next skill level

    Created unique methods of teaching music theory through a series of games that have been effective in teaching students and creating interest.

    Years of knowledge and experience playing shows in musical groups has given Shahya the knowledge to improve your songwriting and song structure skills.

  • Subjects Offered
    Guitar Bass Drum Kit Music Theory Improvisation