Celeste Sazani


Celeste Sazani

Math Tutor

  • Graduated UCSC with a BA in Pure Mathematics

    Tutoring professionally for 8 years in the Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara areas.

    Enjoys tutoring all ages and levels of math and logic. Experience as a instructors assistant at Johns Hopkins University center for talented youth and at UCSC as a Drop-In tutor in the LSS program.

  • Adaptable teaching style

    Excels at recognizing strengths in the pupil’s learning style. Professional experience working with all ages and skill levels.

    Specializes in utilizing methodology and philosophy of mathematics to create a strong knowledge base.

  • Subjects Offered
    Logic Geometry Pre-Calculus Calculus Trigonometry Vector/Multi-variable Calculus Proof-writing Group Theory Real analysis Differential and Partial Differential Equations Linear Algebra Advanced Linear Algebra Math History Number Theory Topology