Alex Cuttitta


Alex Cuttitta

Math Tutor

Alex has years of experience helping her fellow students edit their essays and prepare for exams. Even while working and maintaining a leadership position on the University of Maryland Debate Team, she kept an Honors level GPA (3.5 and up) throughout college. She is passionate about teaching people how to express their ideas clearly through the written word and wishes to empower her students with the ability.

  • Graduated from the University of Maryland in 2011

    Recieved a Bachelors with Honors in Philosophy

    Minor in Government and Politics Also studied higher-level English and Anthropology

  • Calm, grounded and present

    Easy-going, open-communication leadership in small groups

    Creates individualized study techniques and writing advice based on the students unique learning styles, strengths and weaknesses

    Good at helping students with essays and studying tactics based on what specific teachers or schools desire from students

  • Subjects Offered
    English (all levels) Writing (all levels) College Applications and SAT Prep Philosophy History Political Science and Law